ecoEat Edible Insects Big Crickets Covered in Dark Chocolate


Edible real crickets!

Great source of protein!

Makes a great gift!

Delicious, unique snack!


Oven roasted big crickets covered in a delicious dark chocolate coating, by ecoEat. 11g Net. Total 6 crickets per pack. Each cricket measures 3cm in length.

The shelf life 6 months from date of manufacture. Ingredients: Big Crickets, cocoa powder

Edible real Crickets(Gryllus Bimaculatus) includes ingredients are sugar, vegetable fat, cocoa powder, emulsifier, vanillin.

Edible Crickets no any colour or preservatives. although editable crickets for human contains nutritional content that can be great source of protein, fat and energy.

Edible Crickets are dried in microwave and dipped in chocolate. You get here 4-6 real delicious flavored Dried bugs in the package

Edible insect candy is a perfect way to expose students to different cultures around the planet. All of our insect candy and snacks are made with great care, using only completely edible Farm-raised insects that makes it a great gift.

We carefully process our edible bug candy during the process of dehydrated and freezing to ensure that they last for up to 6 months to ensure they’re fresh and tasty when you received them.


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